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Risk Management

Principal Protection
While passive mortgage investing is generally a safe and flexible investment with a substantial upside potential, there are inherent risks as with any investment.

Preserving our investors’ capital is a top priority while offering attractive risk-adjusted returns with reliable income.

We have developed a comprehensive due diligence process with disciplined analysis, stringent underwriting, and solid risk management practices.

Due Diligence 

Our seasoned team of mortgage advisors apply our rigorous underwriting and risk management practices before originating any mortgages to avoid losses. 

We thoroughly review risk factors that include borrower financial background and ability to repay the loan, the market stability of the subject property, and a precise exit strategy. 

Extensive Professional Network

We have a strong network of professional relationships that provide quality data that helps us to assess the risk of a project. 

These include licensed, experienced appraisers, title companies, inspectors, real estate agents and brokers, attorneys, and insurance companies. 

Their professional expertise combined with our stringent mortgage and underwriting guidelines are designed to keep our investors’ capital well-protected while generating attractive returns. 

Recourse Methods
In the event of borrower default, the primary investment can be partially or fully recovered since loans are backed by equity. We have ongoing retainer relationships with several law firms that specialize in creditor and debtor litigation. 

Our Approach to Mortgage Lending

Minimize Risk and Preserve Capital with Stringent Underwriting Guidelines

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  • Conservative Leverage: Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio is the loan amount divided by the value of the property. A lower LTV equates to less risk. Typical LTVs can range between 60% and up to 80% if the components of the deal merits higher leverage. 

  • Qualified Borrowers: We thoroughly review the borrower’s ability to repay and service the loan and other property expenses, along with their experience and capacity to complete the project and overall market conditions. 

  • Marketable Collateral: We confirm the residential and commercial properties we collateralize are located in stable and desirable markets.

  • Exit Strategy: A solid plan to pay off the loan must be presented and approved by underwriting before final loan approval. This generally involves the sales of the property or refinance into a long-term loan.

Risk Mitigation

We offer additional practices and recourse methods to deal with and mitigate investment risks.

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Legal Protection
In the event of borrower default, dispute, or misrepresentation, Myers Investment Group has the resources to aggressively pursue and strive to resolve all issues. We have ongoing retainer agreements with several law firms in Hawaii and the mainland that specialize in securities, creditor representation and debtor litigation.

Locally, we have engaged and work closely with Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel, a Limited Liability Law Partnership LLP. Operating over 100 years, this world-class law firm has a longstanding reputation of handling a wide range of legal issues and litigation including business law, trusts and estates, and commercial real estate. 


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