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Passive Mortgage Investing

Earn Steady Returns with the Security of Real Estate

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Passive Mortgage Investing offers attractive returns that are backed by residential and commercial real estate assets. This type of investing provides passive investors with an opportunity to earn above-market interest that has higher risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility than stocks.

It is an ideal investment for passive investors seeking to invest in real estate without purchasing or managing physical property. 

The capital provided by passive investors is used to finance private mortgage loans for borrowers interested in purchasing or refinancing property. The interest paid by borrowers is used to generate returns that are repaid to passive investors. 

Passive Mortgage Investing Advantages

Low Barrier
to Entry

When compared to direct real estate investing, passive investing requires less capital without the need to search, qualify for a mortgage, conduct due diligence, or manage physical property. 

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Distributions consisting of interest and fees are deposited quarterly as returns are generated. 


Earn above-market, risk-adjusted average annualized returns with lower volatility than stocks and mutual funds.  

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Secured by
Real Estate

Mortgages are backed by the security of real estate, rigorous underwriting, and risk management practices.

Diversification Strategy

Investment risk is spread over loans across multiple property types and geographies, creating more stability by balancing out risk and return. 

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Leverage Professional Experience  

Tap into the expertise of mortgage and investment pros who are experienced in generating returns on your behalf.  

10% - 12%

Target Annualized

$1.5 Billion

Mortgage Loans Closed by Affiliate Company,
Myers Capital 

Over 25

Years in Business,
Myers Capital

Number of States 
We Lend In  


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