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Our Strategy

Capital Preservation 

Attractive Returns

Consistent Income

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Myers Investment Group focuses on preservation of our investor’s capital while providing attractive returns and regular distributions. Our comprehensive due diligence process with disciplined analysis, stringent underwriting, and rigorous risk management practices allow us to generate above average returns for capital investors. 

Investment Strategy

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Principal Protection

We make capital preservation a top priority by focusing on safe lending practices. Our extensive due diligence and stringent underwriting guidelines are designed to avoid losses and preserve capital. Risk is minimized as loans are spread across multiple property types and geographies, creating more stability by balancing out risk and return. 

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Stable Income

We offer a reliable source of income from a diversified pool of mortgages secured by real estate. Our above-market, risk-adjusted average annualized returns feature lower volatility than stocks. Our goal is to provide investors with stable, consistent returns while preserving capital, generating strong income quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year.  


We provide private mortgages to borrowers who need loans that are not offered by traditional financial institutions. Each borrower and subject property undergo a thorough analysis that includes their financial background, ability to repay the loan and property expenses, market stability of the property, and a definitive exit strategy. 

10% - 12%

Target Annualized

$1.5 Billion

Mortgage Loans Closed by Affiliate Company,
Myers Capital 

Over 25

Years in Business,
Myers Capital

Number of States 
We Lend In  


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