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How It Works

Passive Mortgage Investing – The Process 

Investor capital is utilized to provide private loans that are secured by real estate.  

Invest Your Funds
Capital investors provide their funds that are used to finance mortgages and generate returns. 

Loan Origination
Myers Capital, our affiliate mortgage banking company, receives loan requests. The borrower
and the pr
operty are underwritten, and if deemed acceptable, a mortgage is created. 

Borrowers Make Payments
A professional loan servicing company collects payments, monitors payment deadlines, and loan terms, providing protection and security for capital investors' funds.

Receive Distributions
We send our capital
investors quarterly distributions as the fund generates returns.

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How Capital Investors are Paid

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Borrower Makes

Monthly Payments
A professional loan servicing company collects monthly payments from the borrower.

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Capital Investors
Receive Distributions

Capital investors are sent quarterly distributions as the fund generates returns when borrowers make monthly loan payments.

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Principal is Paid Back
o Investors

As the mortgage investment matures, principal is returned back to capital investors. 

10% - 12%

Target Annualized

$1.5 Billion

Mortgage Loans Closed by Affiliate Company,
Myers Capital 

Over 25

Years in Business,
Myers Capital

Number of States 
We Lend In  


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