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Passive Mortgage Investments

Private Mortgage Fund

Accepting New Investors - Closing Soon

Private Mortgage Fund Overview 

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Our mortgage fund is an option for qualified investors who are looking to build wealth through private mortgages secured by residential and commercial real estate assets. The mortgage fund generates attractive, risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility than stocks or mutual funds. It is an ideal investment for capital investors seeking to invest in real estate without the need to purchase or manage physical property. Capital investors receive quarterly distributions, making it a truly hands-off passive investment opportunity. 

The mortgage fund invests in private mortgages that are originated by affiliate Myers Capital Hawaii, LLC, an award-winning mortgage banking company. Myers Capital conducts extensive due diligence on borrowers and adheres to stringent underwriting guidelines designed to minimize risk and preserve capital. 

Myers Investment Group manages the mortgage fund, overseeing all company assets, investment decisions, operations, communications, and regulatory compliance. In summary, this passive mortgage investment opportunity is back by the security of real estate, rigorous underwriting, and risk management practices.

Private Mortgage Fund Details

Our mortgage fund provides consistent quarterly distributions,
capital preservation, and attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Target Annualized Return

8% to

Paid Quarterly



Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Lien Position

1st and 2nd Position


60% LTV 


Minimum Investment

Accredited & Sophisticated

Investor Types

Open to New Investors

Fund Structure

Our Investment Strategy

We focus on capital preservation, attractive returns, and consistent distributions. 

Principal Protection

Our private money loans are secured by residential and commercial real estate. Each borrower and subject property undergo extensive due diligence and our stringent underwriting guidelines. Our loans are short-term in nature and include a built-in margin of safety through conservative loan-to-value ratios that average 65%. A realistic plan to pay off the loan must be presented and approved before final loan approval and funding.  

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Stable Income

We provide consistent, risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility than the stock market. Our capital investors receive quarterly interest income for a specific timeframe. After this period, borrowers need to repay the loan by selling the property or refinancing into a long-term loan. Once the loan is repaid, the principal and any remaining interest are returned back to the capital investor.

8% to 12%

Target Annualized

$1.5 Billion

Mortgage Loans Closed
by Affiliate

12 Months

Loan Duration


Number of States
We Lend In  


​Years in Business - Affiliate Mortgage Company

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